Back at it


So, two new songs are through the writing stage for my next album. I have about 15 or so musical ideas I’m working with currently, which will be culled down. These are the exciting times. The songwriting times. Songwriting is an interesting thing to me. When I began attempting to write years ago, I would have these moments of wildfire like creativity and imagery. It’s like that creativity would spark and spread and fuel even more ideas. It’s unexplainable really. Sometimes that fire would burn through the entire song or lyric, or whatever I was inspired to create at that moment and it was finished, but other times it would burn out quickly before completion, and it was like I had consumed every creative juice I had. Everything just stopped.

Over time I realized that it’s a natural thing that happens. Usually it’s a sign for me I need to do something else creative, or go be inspired by someone else’s creativity. I also realized, what I can’t do, is wait around for creativity to show up. You have to make time for it. I do my best to make space to work on creative things or at least the time to be inspired by others, and then get back at it. It doesn’t work the same every time, but it does have one similar component. Time. Let’s spend it well being creative and being inspired to create. After all, creating beauty was modeled for us by our Creator. Until next time…